Lemmy, Foo Fighters, Judas Priest on Ronnie James Dio tribute album

Ronnie James Dio may have died last year, but his legacy will live on in at least one regard. His widow Wendy has confirmed that a tribute album to the rockers’ various efforts is in the works, and famous followers like Motorhead’s Lemmy and members of Foo Fighters and Judas Priest are on board.

Wendy Dio told Noisecreep that Dave Grohl will be singing Black Sabbath’s “Mob Rules,” while Rob Halford will be covering Rainbow’s “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

“I just talked to Alice [Cooper], roped Alice in and Sebastian [Bach] and Chris [Jericho],” she continued. Cooper is considering an Elf tune. Glenn Hughes —  a former Sabbath Frontman and Deep Purple member — is also on tap.

The set “probably won’t come out this year, but everybody signed up. Even today they were picking songs for which songs they’re gonna do.”

Wendy Dio also said that a charity auction will take place in the fall.

“I miss Ronnie every single day, but I think of him a lot of times as he’s on tour, ’cause a lot of times he’s away all the times. So he’s still on tour,” she continued. “So it’s kind of hard to think that he’s actually gone, and I don’t think about it, but when I come to these kind of events that he’s not coming back, which is why we’re talking about he’s not here and he should be.”