Lenny Kravitz responds to onstage wardrobe gaffe with The Perfect Tweet

Lenny Kravitz is a lean and fashionable man. He's prone to leather pants. He can't help it. The man is a Rock Star.

Lenny Kravitz also likes to move, and wields his guitar like a wild man.

Sometimes these elements to Lenny Kravitz clash, like when his leather pants rip at the crotch during a squat, exposing more than just his sick guitar licks.

Video of such an incident has gone viral, as the wide-eyed world has learned much, much more about Lenny Kravitz since his Strut Tour concert stop in Stockholm on Monday.

After the wardrobe oopsie, the rocker was mum until he decided to Tweet a screengrab of an admiring (and NSFW) personal message from a friend, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, hashtagged with the increasingly popular #penisgate.