Leonardo DiCaprio has a ‘Titanic’ moment with Jonah Hill on ‘SNL’

01.26.14 5 years ago 5 Comments

Jonah Hill thought he was gonna get away with dismissing DiCaprio’s involvement in “The Wolf of Wall Street” during his monologue on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. But, he was wrong. Very, very wrong.

First off, DiCaprio really is that much taller than Hill. Second, DiCaprio shames Hill into admitting he was trying to act like a “big shot in public.”  Third, there is something about DiCaprio reminding Hill to be humble and gracious that is so on the nose (you have no idea).

Finally, DiCaprio once more gives Hill the “thing on set” he needed on the “Wolf” set to really calm down. Somewhere we think Kate Winslet is laughing her ass off, how about you?

Watch the whole segment in the clip below and click here for more of last night’s “SNL” from our show recap.


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