Let’s remember when Megan Mullally sang a duet with Donald Trump at the Emmys

01.20.16 3 years ago

Megan Mullally stopped by “Conan” the other day to promote her upcoming series “You, Me and the Apocalypse,” but Conan O'Brien wanted to talk about her past. Specifically, that time she sang a duet with presidential candidate Donald Trump on the Emmys.

It was 2006, a gentler time, when Trump was the host of a reality show called “The Apprentice” and Mullally was still on “Will and Grace.” “American Idol” was a huge success, so the Emmys made a bunch of people do “Emmy Idol,” where they sang famous TV theme songs and viewers voted for the best one.

Trump and Mullally did “Green Acres.” Mullally was in her “Will and Grace” character Karen Walker, and Trump was in his “Apprentice” character as a guy who thinks he's much smarter than he actually is.

“At the time, he was just the kooky guy from 'The Apprentice,'” Mullally said.

Here's what they ended up doing:

Mullally said they won “Emmy Idol,” and Trump was so pleased that he called her the next day to thank her for her part in their shared victory, saying “we really needed to win that.”

“If he needed to win 'Emmy Idol' that bad, what must it be like now?” Mullally wondered. What indeed.

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