LeVar Burton Did A Reddit AMA And His Answers Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It only took 12 hours for the Internet to answer the call to fund LeVar Burton's Reading Rainbow kickstarter. For an entire generation, Burton and his catchy theme song kept us interested in reading long after the meat grinder of standardized testing sucked the enjoyment out of the written word. 

As a way of saying thank you, and to answer questions about the new 'Reading Rainbow,' Burton used the latest tool in a celebrity's social media arsenal: Reddit. For two hours, he answered questions about life, Star Trek, and reading with an eloquence usually reserved for politicians and 'rallying the troops' speeches in action movies.

We collected some of the most uplifting after the jump. Warning: It is literally impossible not to feel pumped up and ready to tackle the world with hugs and compliments after reading this man's words. If your natural state is 'curmudgeon' do not be alarmed. What you are feeling is hope.

You can go here to donate to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter!