Lil’ Stinker: Max Landis writing movie based on Pepe Le Pew

Perhaps lost in the volume of superhero news from Comic-Con comes this little nugget – there may be a Pepe Le Pew movie in the near future. But don”t expect the same old skunk.

While speaking on a panel at the San Diego nerdfest, Deadline reports that Max Landis announced that Warner Bros has hired him to write a flick about the animated stinker who is more than a little aggressive when it comes to love. Realizing Pepe”s behavior about pursuing a mate is 1) completely creepy, certainly immoral and probably illegal, and 1a) weird for a children”s movie, Landis decided to head this controversy off at the pass.

“I came up with a story to kind of redeem him,” Landis later said on a YouTube video. “It”s a lot closer to Amélie and The French Connection, it”s a real movie”

Landis continued, “The French romantic hero is so much fun to write. I”ve been writing the dumbest dialog maybe I”ve ever written.” He then proceeded to recite a line that involves baked goods that, as promised, is dumb, but true to the character.

Landis had previously been discussed as a potential writer for the Pokémon GO movie. However, he recently said that he has “zero involvement” in the property based on the popular video game.

As for Pepe, Landis admits writing for the character will be a challenge, but said, “You can be aggressively romantic without being a creep.”

That remains to be seen.

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