Lionsgate developing a modern-day reimagining of ‘American Psycho’

12.08.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Only eleven-and-some-odd years since the release of Mary Harron’s “American Psycho” adaptation starring Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, original distributor Lionsgate is reportedly developing a new version of the 1991 Bret Easton Ellis novel for the screen with David Fincher protege Noble Jones attached to write and direct.

Described as a “reimagining” of the original novel by Variety, the “low-budget” project was reportedly pitched to Lionsgate by Noble several months ago. He later turned in a screenplay that has Bateman cutting a bloody swath through modern-day New York City (a change from the ’80s setting of the book and original film). It should be stressed that the project is in the early stages of development and has not yet been greenlit.

Jones, a commercial and music video helmer, served as second-unit director for the Boston sequences in Fincher’s 2010 Oscar-winner “The Social Network”. 

In Easton Ellis’ book and the resulting 2000 film starring Bale, Patrick Bateman is depicted as a wealthy investment banker prone to going on homicidal rampages during his off-time. Initial reviews of Harron’s adapatation – which is now considered something of a cult classic – were mixed-to-positive, and the film ultimately grossed over $34 million worldwide on a $7 million budget.

What’s your opinion on this news? Do you think setting Easton Ellis’ story in modern-day New York is a fresh and interesting take on the material, or are you already rolling your eyes?

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