Listen: Drake has had it on ‘Headlines’

Drake is officially over it. If last year”s “Over” showed his weariness of his burgeoning fame, on new single “Headlines,” he”s had it with the industry and many of the faux rappers that pretend they are  in the same league as his greatness.

He talks about how empty all of this feels to him, and yet, heavy is the head that wears the throne, there”s just simply no one who can do what he does. It”s a curse.

On “Headlines,” he weaves his sleepy raps around string lines for a fairly static, but oddly compelling, tune.  He made us laugh with this rhyme: “Listen to you expressin” all these feelings, soap opera rappers, all these  n****** sound like ‘All My Children. if that”s who you think is coming about to make a killing, i guess it really is me, myself and all my millions.”

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“Take Care” is the first single from Drake”s new album, “Take Care,” out in October. The album includes collaborations with Stevie Wonder on six tracks, Drake told The two appeared together last night at Drake”s OVO Festival in Toronto.

“He helped me out with a lot of the music, just came and sat with me, listened to my music, told me where I could add a couple things to make it more sonically appealing, and not only that but we actually are writing together, which is an incredible experience,” Drake told the video outlet.