Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 119

Happy Monday, Boys & Girls.
Time for your weekly cure for The Mondays… Whiskey!
And while you’re drinking your whiskey, here’s another installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast!
This week, Sepinwall and I catch up on “Justified” and “The Walking Dead,” review ABC’s “Missing,” chatter about the return of “Community” and even, because we forgot to do so last week, talk about the season finale of “Parenthood.”
So enjoy your whiskey and hopefully the podcast…
Here’s the breakdown:
“Community” (00:02:03 – 00:11:25)
“Missing” (00:11:25 – 00:21:40)
“Parenthood” (00:21:40 – 00:37:25)
“Justified” (00:37:25 – 00:47:00
Listener Mail: Last week’s “Awake” twist and stuff (00:47:20 – 00:51:25)
Listener Mail: Funny dramas (00:51:30 – 00:56:30)
Listener Mail: Coach on “New Girl” (00:56:30 – 00:59:15)
“Walking Dead” (00:59:50 – 01:11:00)

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