Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 262 – Worst TV of 2014

Happy Wednesday, Boys & Girls!

And Happy Holidays!

It's time for what will be our final podcast of 2014 and it's a crowd favorite.

Yup. For 87 minutes, we talked about TV's Worst of 2014. Some of this was covered in my Worst of 2014 gallery (below), but the back and forth is fresh!

Plus, Showtime's “Homeland” delivered a finale on Sunday that fit perfectly into this week's theme. Thanks, “Homeland”!

So it's a fun dose of Angry Dan and Angry Alan as we step back from our, “There's a lot of great stuff on TV” stance and remind you there's some awful stuff as well. [Podcast theme this week features music and lyrics by Linda Holmes, arrangement by Jeff Alexander.]

We'll be back in 2015.

Enjoy this week's podcast. It does have spoilers for some stuff. But only wretched stuff.

Today's breakdown:
TV's Worst of 2014 (00:01:25 – 01:14:15)
TV's Worst of 2014 – “Homeland” finale (01:14:20 – 01:26:35)

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