Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 285 – ‘Game of Thrones’ controversy and finales

Happy Friday, Boys & Girls!

It's time for a spoiler-y installment of The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast. This should see you through the long weekend.

Actually, since we did nearly two hours of podcasting on “Mad Men” alone on Monday… That's a lot of Firewall & Iceberg this week.

We kinda picked a random assortment of finales to talk about in this podcast, some that we were asked about in Listener Mail and some that we just felt like touching on. So obviously these segments are all spoiler-y for the shows in question.

And since we got asked about The Bad Thing in last Sunday's “Game of Thrones,” we talked about it.

Here's today's breakdown:
“The Good Wife” (00:03:35 – 00:21:40)
“Jane the Virgin” (00:21:40 – 00:38:50)
“New Girl” (00:38:55 – 00:46:00)
“Arrow” (00:46:00 – 01:00:10)
“The Flash” (01:00:15 – 01:07:20)
Sunday's “Game of Thrones” (01:07:20 – 01:21:30)

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