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Happy Friday, Boys & Girls.
Here’s a little Firewall & Iceberg Podcast action for your end-of-week commute. Assuming you have a looooong commute. If not? Apologies, because this isn’t a short podcast.
In this week’s installment, we cover Sunday’s Emmys (a bit like the blog posts we did over the past 10 days, but hopefully with SOME new material), review the new shows premiering next Monday and Tuesday — that would be “2 Broke Girls,” “The Playboy Club,” “New Girl” and “Unforgettable — and also chatter about Sunday’s episode of “Breaking Bad.”
That’s a lot of chatter. [Oh and the glitchiness in Alan’s audio around the 41:30-ish mark? It gets better. Apologies. Blame Skype.]
And guess what? Time permitting, will be back on Monday for MORE!
Here’s today’s breakdown:
Emmys — 00:40 – 41:45
“2 Broke Girls” — 42:15 – 48:30
“The Playboy Club” — 48:35 – 56:25
“New Girl” — 56:30 – 01:04:05
“Unforgettable” — 01:04:10 – 01:10:25
“Breaking Bad” — 01:10:30 – 01:23:40 

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And here’s the podcast…

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