Listen: Jason Aldean’s new single, ‘Take A Little Ride’

“My Kinda Party” established Jason Aldean as the next big country superstar. Released in November 2010, the double-platinum set included five hit country tunes and was one of the top-selling albums in all genres in 2011.  More significantly, “Party” also moved Aldean from opening act to arena headliner.

So there”s been a lot of speculation about how Aldean will change his sound, if at all, on his next album. We got a hint today with the release of “Take A Little Ride,” the first single from his upcoming fifth studio album.

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If “Ride” is any indication, fans can expect more of the same swampy country rock. “Ride” opens with swaggering, slow guitar groove that never picks up much speed but has an almost hypnotic pull as Aldean lulls in his sweetie with the promise that she can “put your pretty pink toes on the dash, lean your seat back….” and, well, take a little ride.  Like Garth Brooks” “Ain”t Goin” Down (Til The Sun Comes Up),” there is enough veiled innuendo in some of the lyrics to make the adults wink, while soaring right over the heads of the younger set.

It”s a fun, sultry song that should have no problem continuing Aldean”s winning streak. In fact, we predict a very smooth ride straight to No. 1…no backroads needed.