Listen: Joe Jonas’s new song, ‘Just In Love’

09.09.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Who says getting mad is a bad thing? Not Joe Jonas. As he sings in his new up-tempo, rhythmic new single, “Just In Love”: “Love is even more wild when you”re angry.”  We hope that purity ring is off and tucked deep inside a drawer where it can”t witness what”s going on.

The tune, which debuted on Ryan Seacrest”s website at midnight, is the second single from “Fast Life,” Jonas”s Oct. 11 solo album debut. It”s different from anything that he and his brothers released during their heyday.  A synthesized keyboard line and heavy synth drum beat propels the beat-heavy track, during which Jonas is trying to convince his lady that they can work out whatever issues they have because he loves her.

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Jonas told Seacrest that he wrote the song following a fight with a woman he was dating (let”s all try to guess who it was!): “She arguing with me, and all I could do was say ‘Listen, I love you, but we don”t need to go through this.” So, this this is called ‘Just In Love.””

James Fauntleroy co-wrote the Rob Knox-produced track with Jonas.  The video for the song, which was shot in Paris, features Jonas in bed with a woman. The clip debuts Monday, Sept. 12.

In the meantime, what do you think of “Just In Love?” Too radical a change from JoBros?

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