Listen: Katy Perry and B.o.B on ‘The One That Got Away’ remix

Katy Perry really doesn”t want her current single to be forever known as the song that kept her from setting the record for most No. 1 songs on Billboard Hot 100 from one album…and she”s so close now that she can taste it.

So to help push the song, which was No. 4 last week on the chart, she”s now released this remix featuring B.o.B. Similarly to her remix of “Last Friday Night” featuring Missy Elliott, the new version serves two purposes:  to garner more radio play for the song, but the primary goal is to drive digital downloads sales (both airplay and sales combine to determine chart position). “The One That Got Away” is the sixth single from “Teenage Dream.” 

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The new version opens with the same tinkling solo piano and then B.o.B. comes in for a rapped verse (before we ever hear Perry) and then returns a few minutes in.  There”s no interaction between the two and there”s only a tenuous connection between the original song and what B.o.B. is talking about: his first verse addresses the couple meeting and his last acknowledges that “maybe in another lifetime we can make up.”  Perry”s part remains basically the same.

Will it get Perry to the top? Absolutely. She could do a remix with duck quacks on it and it would hit the top with the momentum she has behind her right now. The only folks who don’t want to see her success are Michael Jackson fans. She is currently tied with the King of Pop for five songs off one album hitting No. 1.

Will it be enough to take Perry to No. 1 or will she have to come back in another life to set the record? What do you think?