Listen: Kelly Clarkson’s new song, ‘Catch My Breath’

Kelly Clarkson has had it with your telling you how to live her life.  On “Catch My Breath,” she declares she will forge her own path and you can”t keep her from wanting and doing it all.

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“Now that you know this is my life/I won”t be told what”s supposed to be right,” she vows. Clarkson, who is currently on tour in Europe, wrote the track with Jason Halbert and Eric Olson. On her website, she writes,
“This song represents who I’ve been, what I’ve felt, and where I’m headed as not only an artist but as a 30-year old that is now smart enough to know that it’s time to stop, catch my breath, and be proud of not only what has been accomplished but of all the people that have helped me become the woman I am today.” She also notes that it has been a decade since she won “American Idol.” That doesn’t seem possible, does it? 

The pop rocker is fairly paint-by-numbers in that Clarkson”s been down this road before in terms of issuing a dictate that she has had enough and we can”t hold her back anymore. However, the stomp and clap production, combined with the whispery ethereal bridge (in which she thanks the person for setting her on her way), keep the tune interesting and it”s just anthemic enough to appeal to her following of young women who will be attracted to the message here.

“Catch My Breath” appears on Clarkson”s “Greatest Hits-Chapter 1,” which drops Nov. 5.

What do you think of “Catch My Breath?”