Listen: Pink gets all warm and fuzzy for ‘Happy Feet Two’ track

Pink conjures up her inner Judd with “Bridge of Light,”  a power ballad from “Happy Feet Two.” The theme song is all about how “only love can build a bridge of light” that has the same kind of inspirational, “you”re not alone” feel of the Judds” hit “Love Can Build A Bridge” or basically any Celine Dion song.

We don”t know where the song fits into the movie, but it”s worth remembering that Prince snagged a Golden Globe in 2007 for his tune, “Song of the Heart,” for the original “Happy Feet.” Plus, Pink covered Rufus”s “Tell Me Something Good” for that first movie.  

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Pink voices a penguin in the animated sequel, which opens Nov 18. She plays “Gloria,”  the girlfriend of lead penguin Mumbles, who was voiced in the original by the late Brittany Murphy. The song is a bit of a stretch for her and, while she sells it, it”s hard to reconcile her tough-yet-vulnerable persona that she brings to her own material with this sugary feel-good track and the swelling choir. However, just think about her singing it to her new daughter, and you’ll find yourself melting like a polar ice cap.

The soundtrack, out Nov. 21,  also features an “Ice Cold Mix” of Janelle Monae”s “Tightrope,” as well as Pink”s version of “Rhythm Nation,” but what we can”t wait to hear is the Elephant Seal Chorus”s take on “Rawhide.”