Listen: Rolling Stones release ‘Doom and Gloom’

The Rolling Stones may have been gathering moss the last few years as they lay dormant, but they”re back with one of their strongest tunes in decades.

“Gloom and Doom,” which premiered on BBC Radio 2 this morning, features classic, snarling  guitar licks from Keith Richards and an inspired, upfront vocal from Mick Jagger. They’re still showing the young kids how it’s done.

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The song, from the band”s first studio sessions in seven years, was recorded in Paris with producer Don Was. The attitude and verve recall  ’70s era Stones, with the guitars loud and Charlie Watts” drumming steady and strong. The intro slightly recalls “Jumping Jack Flash,” and throughout, Rolling Stones fans will be able to slice and dice portions that sound like past RS tunes, but who better to rip off than themselves?  Plus, it may be the first song to mention “fracking.”

All Jagger wants is a baby who will “dance with me” as he”s surrounded by doom and gloom. He”s “feeling kind of hurt, sitting in the dirt…I try to stay sober, but I end up drunk.”

“Doom and Gloom” will appear on “GRRR! Greatest Hits” out Nov. 13. It is one of two new tracks on the best-of collection.

The Stones are rumored to be playing at least a few concerts to celebrate their 50th anniversary, including shows in London and New York. Sax player Bobby Keys told Billboard to expect a few more dates, although nothing has been confirmed.

What do you think of “Doom and Gloom?”