Listen: The MCP starts Year 3 with Movie God, Darren Bousman, and movie Moms

It has been a while.

I could offer up excuses, but the truth is that things just plain got away from Scott Swan and me, and there’s no other way to put it.  Our best intentions were repeatedly frustrated by real-life obstacles, and we let them build up week after week.

The only reason we finally sat down to do this again is because you have all been so vocal about wanting a new podcast, and I take your feedback seriously.

This week, we decided to talk about Mother’s day and the long tradition of mothers in movies.  We also brought back Movie God, the game that broke me in our final episode of Season Two, and we welcomed Patrick Morgan, known to AICN readers as Henchman Mongo, to help us kick off this year’s version of the game.

In addition, I’ve got an interview with Darren Lynn Bousman for you regarding “11-11-11,” which recently came out on video, as well as “The Devil’s Carnival,” his newest project, and “Mother’s Day,” the Rebecca DeMornay movie he directed that is arriving on video this week appropriately enough.  I think Darren’s up to some exciting things right now, and I wanted to give him a chance to explain his thinking.

We watch some trailers, we talk about my recently published list of my 20 favorite films, and we digress so completely that at one point, we end up talking about Jar Jar Binks giving birth.

No, I can’t explain how that happened.

But I do hope you enjoy this week, and while I’ll be away at Cannes this coming week, we’ll record a new podcast on the night of May 27th.  Here’s hoping we’re gearing up for a fun second half of 2012, and that you guys can forgive us our absence.