Listen to Iggy Azalea’s new song ‘Iggy SZN’: Aussie rapper makes money

Iggy Azalea owned the summer with “Fancy,” and with Ariana Grande's “Problem” and “Black Widow” featuring Rita Ora; she may very well some of the fall, too, as her Spring album “The New Classic” is getting the deluxe reissue treatment with all-new songs, as “Re-Classified.”

Among those: “Iggy SZN,” in which the Aussie rapper states the obvious. “Bitches gonna hate while critics critique / I pay ’em no mind whenever they speak, what they make a year I can make in a week.” Ahem, rub it in why don't you.

“Re-Classified” will be out on Nov. 24. Another new track, “Beg For It,” will be out tomorrow (Oct. 24) and she plays “Saturday Night Live” for the first time (with host Jim Carrey) on Saturday.

Azalea is also the leader of American Music Awards nominations this year, with six nods; the show takes place on Nov. 23, a day before her redux album hits shelves.