Listen: Usher wants to make you ‘Scream’ on new single

04.26.12 7 years ago 5 Comments

Usher moves from the dance floor to the bedroom on new single, “Scream.” 

The club thumper is all about pleasing his woman and living in the moment. Although the mood is totally set by the sexy, mid-tempo groove, some of the lyrics definitely go down as his worst. We can live with the trite “Imagine me whisper in your ear that I wanna take off all your clothes,” but “Relax and get on your back if you want to scream” sounds decidedly unromantic and a little creepy, even coming from someone as smooth and undoubtedly skilled as Usher.

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The overall mood is, as Usher sings in the lyrics, a predator hunting his prey and that no matter how much either of them fights it, this merger is fated to happen.

It”s a serviceable track, but there”s nothing on it that distinguishes it as special and at this point in his career, someone as established and talented as Usher doesn”t need for any song to sound this generic.

“Scream” follows the super sexy and wistful “Climax” as the second single from Usher”s seventh studio album, “Looking For Myself,” which comes out June 12.

Usher and David Guetta are also working on a follow up to their hit “Without You,” the superstar DJ told The Hollywood Reporter following his appearance at Coachella. Usher surprised Guetta by performing with him last weekend at the Indio, Calif. festival. “It was a total surprise even for me,” he said. “I was playing, and then he came to hang out and just to have a good time. Then I saw him on the side of the stage and I gave him the sign. He was like, ‘Do you want me to do it with you? To come on stage?’ and I was like, ‘Hell yeah! Of course!'”


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