Listen: Will you warm up to new Paramore song ‘Hello Cold World?’

11.07.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Is Hayley Williams having a quarterlife crisis a little early? On new single “Hello Cold World” she humorously sings, “22 is like the worst idea that I have ever had/it”s too much pain/too much freedom.”  Luckily for the Paramore singer, she”s only got a few more weeks before she turns 23.

The existential angst seems to be only temporary on the track, which is the second of three offerings coming from Paramore Singles Club. Otherwise, the extremely energetic track,-like Blink-182 energetic-embraces making the best of what”s ahead, even when it looks awfully dark on the horizon.

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It”s a call to arms, but to a party of one. She”s telling herself that even though it”s a “cold world,” she”ll get “right back up.”   “If you want to make a difference, get out and go and get it,” she sings.

Melodically, the tune is a tremendously infectious pop rocker that will be an absolute highpoint during the group”s live show.

The Paramore Singles Club was an idea the band announced in October to get three new songs to fans by the end of the year. We”re two-thirds of the way there.

What do you think of “Hello Cold World?”

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