‘Little People Big World’ returns with four new specials

The Roloffs will be returning to the small (very small) screen this October, as TLC has picked up four new ‘Little People Big World’ specials. The series, which was the first to explore the real-life challenges of a family of little and average height people, aired on TLC for six seasons until 2010.

The first special will resolve the cliffhangers left from the series finale, including the state of Matt and Amy Roloff’s marriage. Viewers will also learn whether the family sold the farm, and will get an update on the Roloff children; Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob.

“The response from the fans since [the series] finale has been overwhelming, asking how we”re doing and what”s the latest with the kids. These specials are going to be a great opportunity to share our families” updates with our fans from time to time through the year,” said Matt and Amy Roloff in a statement.

Production on the first special began earlier this week.