Look at that stunning expression on Cate Blanchett’s face in ‘Carol’

Do you see that look on Cate Blanchett's face?  Her expression conveys both hope and heartbreak and, in many ways, it's the signature moment of Todd Haynes' “Carol.”

The acclaimed drama debuted at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival where Blanchett's co-star, Rooney Mara, took home the Best Actress award. It was quite a surprise as many believed the jury would award both actresses or just the two-time Oscar winner.  That curve ball win may slightly complicate The Weinstein Company's awards campaign for Blanchett (such troubles), but it's this particular moment that captivated so many across the Atlantic this past May.  We don't want to give too much away, but Blanchett's reaction occurs during a pivotal scene between Therese (Mara) and Carol (Blanchett) which bookends the film.  And, yes, her sixth nomination is almost guaranteed.

An adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel “The Price of Salt,” “Carol” chronicles the unexpected romance between a young department store clerk and the married housewife who is trying to extradite herself from a hopeless marriage.  The impressive cast also includes Sarah Paulson as Carol's longtime friend Abby and Kyle Chandler as her soon to be ex-husband Harge.  You can get a better sense of Haynes' latest achievement in the new teaser trailer released by the movie's UK distributor, Studio Canal, and embedded at the bottom of this post.  It's a strong preview only accentuated by the beautiful rendition of “My Foolish Heart” by Margaret Whiting.

TWC may or may not go in this direction for their U.S. marketing campaign, but its a nice buzz worthy reminder that “Carol” is coming out of hiding for the Fall festival season.

What do you think of the new preview? Share your thoughts below.

“Carol” opens in limited release on Nov. 20.