‘Looper’ needs your help, and we’ve got a mission for you

One of the things I’ll be doing at the Toronto Film Festival this year is catching up with “Looper,” the Rian Johnson film I first saw last year in a rough state.  I’m excited to see the finished movie and to sit down with the cast for some interviews.

Today, though, came a firm reminder that my vacation is over.  As much as I’ve loved having time off with my kids as I recharged the battery for what is going to be a very busy month ahead, I was aware that the flurry of work was going to begin the moment I returned.  Sure enough, there was a knock on the door this morning and a guy who looked suspiciously like a young Bruce Willis was standing there.  He handed me an envelope and said, “You’ve got a mission.  Get to it.”

Oddly, he hopped on what looked like a NY bike messenger’s bike and took off down my driveway, leaving me to head back inside and look to see what it was he’d brought me and what explanation there was for his actions.

There were two silver bars.  Large.  Heavy.  Both carved in a strange manner.  As soon as I saw them, I understood that I had been conscripted into the Looper Network, and sure enough, once I made contact with them, I was told that HitFix is indeed the home of Looper Network Mission 3.

Sure, I’ve heard it described as a “viral campaign,” but I wouldn’t want to treat this like a joke.  The future could depend on what happens once I post my clue.  If you’ve been participating so far, then you’re probably more qualified to figure out what my silver bars mean.  I’m depending on you to find the 4-digit code hidden in this image:

Look closely, and you might just close your loop.

“Looper” is in theaters September 28th.