Louis C.K. and friends help Bryan Cranston take down the blacklist in ‘Trumbo’

Bryan Cranston, Louis C.K., Helen Mirren, John Goodman and Elle Fanning? What's not to like about a movie with that incredible cast? Well, you're in luck because Jay Roach's “Trumbo” features all those talented actors and more.  The historical drama is already set to debut at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival before its November release date and today distributor Bleecker Street released the first trailer, a significant improvement on the movie's “Imitation Game”-ish poster.

“Trumbo” is the true story of (eventual) Oscar-winner Daniel Trumbo, one of 10 Hollywood screenwriters who were blacklisted for not cooperating with the House of Un-American Activities Committee in the late 1940's.  Trumbo's life is a complicated one full of tragedy and redemption, but based on this preview Roach is going with as lighthearted a tone as possible.  It worked for the filmmaker with his Emmy-winning HBO movies “Recount” and “Game Change,” but is it the right tone for Trumbo's ordeal?  We'll find out for sure next month in Toronto.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for yourself in the embedded video below.  

“Trumbo” opens in limited release on Nov. 6.