M.I.A. confirms December drop for new album, slags off critics

08.07.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

M.I.A. isn’t one to beat around the bush.

“No one in the industry collected blows in the last 3 years as much as me,” the singer wrote during an impromptu Twitter Q&A earlier today. “This [new album] is a fuck you to them and a thank you to you.”

Speaking of that Q&A, the controversial entertainer unexpectedly took to the social network to invite questions from her 450,000-odd followers, with an initial tweet proclaiming: “if you want to know about LP = ask me questions and ill choose 10 to answer.”

The 2012 MTV VMA nominee for Video of the Year was speaking, of course, about her upcoming fourth album “Matangi,” which during the course of the online chat she revealed will hit stores in December along with her previously-announced autobiography, a documentary and an art exhibition. Also, it’s going to sound like “paul simon on acid” (apparently).

As to the question of collaborations – one follower asked specifically about Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj – M.I.A. replied, “no collabs ! maybe its based on what they stand for. nobody can cross it, only that know can cross it.” The subject of which producers might crop up, meanwhile, proved to be a sore one, with the recent Roc Nation signee stating she would be working only with those “that don’t act like fame whore coloniser” (seemingly a jab at previous collaborator Diplo). Well, alright then.

The Q&A followed M.I.A.’s revelation of the new set’s (partially obscured) tracklist on Twitter yesterday, which you can view below. Though her most recent single “Bad Girls” isn’t listed, she confirmed it will indeed have a spot on the new album.

M.I.A.’s last LP, 2010’s “Maya,” debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200.

So, are you excited for M.I.A.’s new album? Turned off by her attention-getting antics? Sound off in the comments!


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