M. Night Shyamalan sets out to prove grandparents are scary with ‘The Visit’

Grandparents are scary! You know it. I know it. And now M. Night Shyamalan is setting out to prove it.

Universal has set a September 11, 2015 release date for “The Visit,” the “After Earth” director's next film that centers on a brother and sister who embark on a weeklong trip to their grandparents' remote Pennsylvania farm (first mistake!) only to discover that the elderly couple is involved in something “deeply disturbing.” The project was previously announced as “Untitled Blumhouse Horror 1.”

Also on Universal's slate is “Unfriended” (previously “Cybernatural”), in which a group of teenagers are stalked by a shadowy figure who seeks vengeance for a “shaming video” they posted online that led to a vicious bully's suicide. Previously slated for April 10, 2015, the Timur-Bekmambetov-produced film has been pushed back a week to April 17. The film is the second feature for Russian director Levan Gabriadze (“Lucky Trouble”).

Are you looking forward to either “The Visit” or “Unfriended”? Let us know in the comments.