‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ star Nicholas Hoult loves Tina Turner, wants the world to know

Breaking Newz Alert: “Mad Max: Fury Road” star Nicholas Hoult is a huge Tina Turner fan.

“I hadn't seen the original ['Mad Max'] films, they were kinda before my time,” he told us while promoting the upcoming post-apocalyptic actioner at CinemaCon. “But I was a big ['Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome' star] Tina Turner fan growing up, still am. So this obviously was exciting, and then to have George Miller, who originally created 'Mad Max,' come back and have this wonderful story and world he'd created.”

So can we assume, then, that “Thunderdome” is his favorite of the original trilogy?

“You know what, I think '2' is maybe my favorite. I don't know, '1' and '2.' Obviously the 'Thunderdome' Master Blaster is exciting though.”

But back to Tina.

“I didn't even realize growing up that [Tina Turner single] 'We Don't Need Another Hero' was written for that film,” he offered. I didn't either! Living and learning.

Watch the full interview above.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” hits theaters on May 15.