Magnum P.I. on track for a sequel at ABC

The TV sequel that never even occurred to you looks to be on target as ABC is developing a Magnum P.I. for modern times.

Deadline is reporting that Leverage creator John Rogers and Eva Longoria”s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment are in the process of creating a follow-up to the 1980s private investigator drama which starred Tom Selleck (and his trademark mustache) as the title character. But in this update, the show will center on Magnum”s daughter, Lily “Tommy” Magnum. 

“We knew no one could replace the iconic role of Thomas Magnum, so John decided to make the reboot a sequel and continue the adventure of a Magnum – his daughter, who was established in the original series,” Longoria and Spector told the publication.

In Magnum 2.0, “Tommy” comes back to Hawaii to run her dad”s investigation firm. No word yet on who will be cast for the title role, but it”s unlikely to be Kristen Carreira, who played the character in six episodes of the original series. According to her IMDb page, she hasn”t acted since 1988. 

Magnum P.I., which starred Selleck, John Hillerman, Roger E. Mosley and Larry Manetti, ran for eight seasons and 162 episodes on CBS. It was a huge hit during its time, routinely drawing more than 15 million viewers per week. Selleck earned an Emmy (and multiple nominations) for the role.

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