‘Making of a Male Model’ is the Greatest TV Movie Ever

Fact: If you want to become a male model, you must associate with disco-dancing men in devil costumes, drug addicts, and stars of “Dynasty.” Did you know?

Everything is Terrible has clipped together a composite reel from the 1983 ABC TV movie “Making of a Male Model” starring Joan Collins as powerful (shocking, I know) modeling agent Kay Dillon and Jon-Erik Hexum, the gorgeous '80s actor who later accidentally killed himself while playing with a gun on the set of the action series “Cover Up.” You can relive his studliness in this clip, but only if you can get past the incredibly bad/excellent dialogue. It is a real treat.

My favorite moments: Ted McGinley of “Happy Days” fame as the dancing devil, Jeff Conaway as a scary Jeff Conaway type, and the line, “It's a strange apple, this Big Apple.”