Whoa: This is what Marilyn Manson looks like without makeup

10.10.13 6 years ago

If you had asked me, with no context, to name the person posing with Steve Little in the photo above, it would have taken me a while before I came up with Marilyn Manson. My first guess would have been been my Aunt Susan, who I haven’t seen since she moved to Palm Springs to work on her art and chakra.

My second would have been one of Liberace’s later-era boyfriends, post-surgery, of course.

Third? A power lesbian from a new Bravo reality series.

But that is indeed a photo of a makeup-less Marilyn Manson, on the set of “Eastbound & Down” where he has been filming an episode. One that I must say I’m quite looking forward to, especially if Marilyn is playing my Aunt Susan.

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