Mark Hamill thinks Luke Skywalker can be bisexual if you want him to be


“Star Wars” has come a long way since 1977. Princess Leia went from the only woman in the world to one of two women in the world to a drop in the bucket of a equally divided human race. James Earl Jones went from the lone PoC to being joined by Billy Dee Williams to a more racially diverse galaxy far, far away.

One area the “Star Wars” films are still struggling though is with LGBT representation. The books and comics are definitely picking up the slack, but there”s a reason the Internet is craving for Poe Dameron to be canonically gay. But what if there was…another?

Last week, Star Wars fan A(nakin)addie sent Mark Hamill a DM (direct message) asking if there was any way his character Luke Skywalker is bisexual. To her surprise, Hamill responded! And if you wonder why this would even be a question, clearly you haven”t been trolling the Internet for Luke/Wedge fanfic recently.

Without the approval of the Holocron Keeper this is the most inclusive answer Hamill could”ve given. So what do you say, Leland? Hamill has sparked hope in several generations of bisexual Star Wars fans that Luke Skywalker might be one of us.

It”d be really cool if he were one of us.

[Via The Mary Sue]

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