Marvel is indeed still releasing ‘Inhumans’ to theaters in 2019

Marvel is making an “Inhumans” movie.

Yes, I know they already announced that they were making an “Inhumans” movie, going so far as to give the film a date and everything, and last year, they started seeding the idea of the Inhumans on the show “Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD,” going so far as to transform Skye, one of the main characters of the series, into an Inhuman. This season, she's beginning to get comfortable with her powers, and she's hunting for new Inhumans who she can help.

There's a rumor online today that Kevin Feige has pulled the plug on the “Inhumans” film specifically because he doesn't want to have the TV side of things defining the rules and playing with the ideas for the next few years. I'll state simply that the rumor is not true. I went directly to an unimpeachable source, who told me that the film division is still planning to make the film, and there are certain elements of the “Inhumans” universe that have been declared off-limits to the “SHIELD” people as a result.

There have been several big comic book movie rumors this week that simply aren't accurate, and I have decidedly mixed feelings about writing stories simply to refute a rumor. I understand how this sort of thing happens, and how a partial piece of information can get reported as the whole story, but when you see the story everywhere and you are getting e-mailed from people asking why you're not running it, you sometimes have to jump in and say…

… which is what we're saying in this particular case.

Here's how you will know that Marvel has cancelled the feature film. If you see the royal family, including Black Bolt, show up on the TV show, then there's a good chance the feature division has finally changed their mind.

Until then, “Inhumans” is set to hit theaters July 12, 2019.