Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige Promises The Post-‘Endgame’ Plan Will Arrive ‘Relatively Soon’

Marvel Studios/Disney

Avengers: Endgame arrives on April 26, and Spider-Man: Far From Home will do its webbed thing on July 5, but from there, no one truly knows where Marvel Studios is going with MCU Phase Four. That’s mostly because we haven’t seen who survived Thanos’ genocidal actions, or if everyone else dies (that obviously won’t happen), and it’s even a mystery whether the Spidey installment takes place pre- or post-snap. Disney has reserved nine future release dates for MCU movies that will roll out over the next handful of years. They’re all officially unclarified projects, but we can guess at a few of them — Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and The Eternals are happening, plus likely followups for Black Panther and Doctor Strange. When will we hear a more official plan, though?

Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige spoke with IGN at the weekend Endgame press junket, and he says answers are coming “relatively soon.” However, don’t expect anything to drop immediately after Endgame because Far From Home will have to arrive before you hear much more about Phase Four. He wouldn’t even confirm or deny whether the MCU would make an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con in mid-July. To say anything about it would be “sort of a post-Endgame spoiler,” according to Feige, although he conceded this about SDCC:

“Probably, only because, as you’ve heard me say before, until it was all done, we literally couldn’t do anything. So essentially, it’s sort of Day One. But during that time, we have built and fleshed out our five-year plan of where we’re heading, the first few years of which we’ll be announcing, as I said, relatively soon, after these next two movies.”

Then Feige added an “exclusive” joke that was a promise to “keep making movies,” which is a given, but what a lot of people really want to know is whether Peter Parker overcomes the dusting issue. Aaaand that’s part of why we won’t hear much until mid-July, which is “soon” in the grand scheme of the universe, but people are still impatient. Also, I can’t be the only one who wants to know whether the Skrulls (led by the lovely, disarming Ben Mendelsohn) will be back for more cosmic adventures, right? Fingers crossed.

(Via IGN)