Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Sprints Out The Door With Its First Trailer

Marvel’s had a lot of success on Netflix. But can that translate to other streaming services? So far, so good, looking at the first trailer for Runaways, which arrives next month on Hulu.

The plot of Runaways revolves around a bunch of teens in an affluent Southern California suburb. As far as they’re aware, their parents are successful executives who raise money for charity and do all those successful executive things. Then they stumble over a secret lair and discover their parents are actually the supervillain team the Pride, who have been sacrificing their classmates to keep their powers. In short order, the kids stumble over magical staves, superpowers, power armor, or their very own pet velociraptor, and the chase is on to save their friends and stop their parents.

The trailer looks very, very faithful to the comic, which first arrived in the early ’00s to enormous fanfare and quickly became one of Marvel’s best books. The main test will be the personalities in question. This is a team of teenagers, after all, and the book thrived largely on the interplay in the group as they bickered, made friends, and generally acted like teens, albeit teens who can punch you through a wall or curse you. We’ll find out just how it translates November 21st.