Marvel Studios adds yet another mystery movie for 2018

(CBR) Less than a week after Marvel staked its claim to five more release dates, bringing its film slate into 2019, the studio has announced another: May 4, 2018, bringing the number of films that year to three.

As with last week's announcement, Marvel didn't give any indication of which film will premiere on that date, vacated earlier today by Sony's “Amazing Spider-Man 4.” However, the calendar is expected to fill in somewhat Saturday during Marvel's highly anticipated Hall H presentation at Comic-Con International.

Director Scott Derrickson's “Doctor Strange” has been tipped for the July 8, 2016, slot, but after that, the schedule gets hazy. We can expect third installments of “The Avengers” and “Thor,” and likely another “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but the remaining blanks seem destined to go to new franchises — perhaps solo movies for the likes of Black Panther, Black Widow or Captain Marvel?

Here are the Marvel release dates announced so far:
Aug. 1, 2014: “Guardians of the Galaxy”
May 2, 2015: “Avengers: Age of Ultron”
July 17, 2015: “Ant-Man”
May 6, 2016: “Captain America 3” [not official title]
July 8, 2016: Untitled film
May 5, 2017: Untitled film
July 28, 2017: Untitled film
November 3, 2017: Untitled film
May 4, 2018: Untitled film
July 6, 2018: Untitled film
November 2, 2018: Untitled film
May 3, 2019: Untitled film