Marvel unleashing the ‘Savage Hulk’ in June

(CBR) The Hulk is getting the Savage treatment for a new series this June. has announced “Savage Hulk,” a series that follows in the tradition of “Savage Wolverine” with standalone arcs featuring some of Marvel's top creative talent.
“We wanted big names, super stars and break out talent to tell their unique Hulk stories within continuity,” series editor Mark Paniccia told “That might be now, or using elements of the past and perhaps even glimpses of the future. It all comes back to the current Hulk mythos while letting the talent cut loose with that Hulk story that they”ve been dying to tell.”
The series' debut arc, written and drawn by Alan Davis, focuses on a smash-tastic battle between the Hulk and some of the biggest names in his rogues gallery, as well as some other familiar faces from the Marvel U. The X-Men, Leader, Abomination and the Hulkbusters all make appearances in Davis' debut arc.
Following the conclusion of Davis' “Savage Hulk” story, fan-favorite Marvel Cosmic creator Jim Starlin takes Bruce Banner to the stars for a confrontation with Thanos, Annihilus, Blastaar and more. “It's crazy fun and super detailed,” Paniccia said. “Jim's putting his A-game into this.”
All stories will take place in the established continuity of the Hulk, and will be further informed by the work Mark Waid and Mark Bagley have planned for the upcoming “Hulk” series debuting in April for All-New Marvel NOW!