Live Blog: Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

They've set me loose in Ballroom 20 with a laptop and my own discretion, so I'm going to type away and update as I go. Here's hoping I don't drop anything. Forgive any typos. 

[3:03 PDT] – Jeph Loeb has come to moderate and we're getting the room warmed up. Today is about saying thank you to the fans and for their support and—oh hai Clark Gregg.

[3:05 PDT] – Clark wants to do “The Thing” but Jeph says he has to thank people. Lots of folks at Marvel, at ABC. Also, we've mentioned the new timeslot multiple times. 

[3:10 PDT] – Introducing the panel. Who's on the panel? Jeff Lee, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Henry Simmons, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, and Clark Gregg.

[3:12 PST] Sizzle reel of all the awesome things that happened last season. Lots of ass kicking, 'splosions, all the cool story elements are here. Basically, it's one whole reminder of just how awesome this show is. HUGE fan squee for the FitzSimmons kiss.

[3:13 PST] – The end of the sizzle had some very familiar chains….

[3:16 PST] – Clark on his favorite moment from the last 3 years: the kiss heard round the world. Henry: spy's goodbye. Iain: Simmons on the planet alone because she was so great. Elizabeth: Season 1, ep 2 beer. Jed: Crazy finales. Maurissa: Iain stole mine. Just wait till you see what we write for you next…Full frontal!

[3:19 PST] – Ming-Na: For me it's really about all the moments and the process of making this show. “We do this sh*t…I mean, we do this stuff.”

[3:20 PST] – Chloe: Same as Ming-Na and then last day of shooting. Big Daisy/Hive fight. All the emotions were real. Also flying in a car with Clark.

[3:21 PST] – Big wave to Brett Dalton who won't be on the show next year.

[3:22 PST] – Blooper reel.

[3:24 PST] – I laughed a lot. These people are adorable.

[3:25 PST] – Jeph “I'm trying to remember what it was like at the very beginning. Iain, do you remember?” Elizabeth and Iain both know what's coming. Iain and Elizabeth's audition.

[3:27 PST] – These two had chemistry from go. It's obvious from the scene. They just get each other.

[3:29 PST] – Seriously, I love them. That was the first time they acted together. They came in and nailed it.

[3:30 PST] – Maurissa and Jed are the real life FitzSimmons. 

[3:31 PST] – Clark's asking “Can we do the Thing?” Jeph promises they're going to do “The Thing”.

[3:32 PST] Jeph: When you put together a cast, the people at the Network want to know how things might look. In this case, we're getting a scene directed by Joss with Chloe and Brett. Chloe wasn't cast yet and this is how Chloe met Brett.”

[3:36 PST] – I really hope you guys get to see this footage. These two clicked immediately.

[3:38 PST] – Q & A. First question by Giovanna. What personally was the hardest episode or scene to film and why? Henry: Going down the rope. Apparently, Henry's scared of heights. Jed: He was literally 8 feet off the ground.

[3:40 PST] – Jacob – What is it like to be a part of the Marvel universe which has affected so many people around the world? Clark: “I've been in the Marvel universe since I was eleven.” He loved watching the evolutions of everything and the geektasticness of it all and then getting to join AoS.

[3:43 PST] – Young lady at the mic discussed that she's joining the police academy because of seeing strong female characters. Ming-Na commented on that and expanded on how great it is to see this growth of these kinds of characters. The feedback she hears from fans is wonderful. Chloe jumped in to discuss how much she loves that women get to be real and how it's great to work with an empowering group of women.

[3:46 PST] Since Marvel's Most Wanted didn't get picked up, when are we going to see Hunter and Bobbi again? Jed: That's classified…but stay tuned.

[3:47 PST] – Little Evan wants to know why they felt the need to kill Ward and Lincoln? Jed: We've never regretted it more than right now. 

[3:48 PST] Caitlin: If your characters go back to the beginning of the series, what piece of advice would they give themselves and why? Chloe: Don't date Hydra Nazi soldiers and brainwash me and control me. 

[3:50 PST] Should we mentally prepare ourselves for a new love interest for Daisy? Clark: We've tried to cast it, but nobody wanted the job. Chloe, sotto voce: She needs to get laid.

[3:51 PST] Audrey: I'm wondering if we can see any footage from season 4. Jeph: Well, we just started filming. Clark: Can we see “The Thing”.

[3:53 PST] – Okay, here's The Thing.

3:53 PST] – Shield logo goes fiery and then morphs into a fiery skull.

Ghost Rider is coming to Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D starting Tuesday, Sept 20th at 10 PM.