Did Mary Poppins Go To Hogwarts?

Readers were transported to Hogwarts for the first time with the release of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone in 1998, but what if the Boy Who Lived was not our first significant magical student? With her magical bag, enchanted umbrella, cleaning spells, and ability to transport people into paintings, Mary Poppins may have been a Hogwarts student herself. The latest episode of In Theory makes a compelling case that not only was the world’s most famous nanny “practically perfect in every way,” she may have also been trained by the best.

Fans always love to find connections between the things that they love, and the idea that Mary Poppins could have been a Hogwarts student — a Hufflepuff, no less — is an interesting theory. Why would such a powerful wizard be interested in Muggles like the Banks family? Well, to put her expertise in Muggle Studies into action and investigate children who had magical potential, of course! Her love for the non-magical may have put her at odds with Voldemort, explaining away the fact that she’s never seen or mentioned in the Harry Potter series, but there seem to be too many similarities to ignore. With her friend and potential Squib Bert, Mary is clearly dedicated to bringing a little magic to the Muggle world.

While we may never have actual proof that her umbrella contained a wand similar to Hagrid’s, it’s quite clear that Mary Poppins had magic on her side.