Matt Bomer’s ‘Magic Mike XXL’ poster beats Channing Tatum’s

I don't want to make the posters for “Magic Mike XXL” a petty eye-candy competition, but sigh. What else should it be?

Matt Bomer, the star of USA's “White Collar” and most sex fantasies, gets his turn to shine in a new poster for the salacious sequel. (Who am I, Gene Shalit?) As you can see, he is giving us “porn star Montgomery Clift” in an important way. More like “From HOT To Eternity,” am I right? 

For comparison's sake, here's star Channing Tatum's poster.

I'm getting a bit more sex appeal in Bomer's pic. Maybe the next sequel should be called “Magic Matt, Xoxo, Sorry 'Bout It, Channing”? Yes.  

“Magic Mike XXL” is out July 1.