Matt Lauer will have hosted 20 hours of TV in a 37-hour period

02.12.14 5 years ago

Matt Lauer will have hosted 20 hours of TV in a 37-hour period
That’s between his work on “Today” and filling in two nights for Bob Costas, according to NBC Olympics executive producer Jim Bell. PLUS: NBC isn’t surprised by all the talk about Costas’ eye, and Lester Holt attempts to dance.

ABC pilot casts Juliette Lewis as a detective investigating Ryan Phillippe
Lewis will co-star on “Secrets & Lies” in which Phillippe’s character emerges as the prime suspect in a young boy’s murder.

“Sherknado 2” will feature Mark McGrath, Kelly Osbourne, Andy Dick, Judah Friedlander

Vivica A. Fox will also join Judd Hirsch in “The Second One” sequel.

“HIMYM’s” series finale will cost advertisers $500,000 per 30-second slot

That’s the price for advertisers who didn’t fork over money for “How I Met Your Mother” during last year’s upfronts.

“How I Met Your Dad’s” pilot script seems like it was written for Greta Gerwig
The script is “very Gerwig,” says David Haglund, who obtained a copy of the pilot script. He points out that the reaction to Gerwig doing a sitcom would likely have been different if it was on FX or HBO. PLUS: Why Gerwig will shine on a weekly sitcom, and why the mainstream might reject her.

Sean Lowe recounts his “Bachelor” experience on a Christian website: “A lot of the time, it felt wrong”

Says Lowe: “I wrestled with it quite a bit, thinking, ‘I’m pretty sure God opened this door, but what if he didn’t? What if it’s just an opportunity that came about, and what if I’m actually harming my testimony by going on a show and dating multiple people at one time, and kissing multiple people?'”

Jimmy Fallon: “I think Kimmel is going to be my main competitor”
Lorne Michaels and Fallon are talking about what Fallon’s “Tonight Show” will and will not be — it won’t be the place, for instance, for hard-hitting interviews with politicians. As for Kimmel, he says, “It’s a friendly rivalry, it really is. I needed someone to compete against me, to make me want to be sharper. Jimmy makes me want to be better.”

Report: NFL picked CBS because it was No. 1, even though it didn’t submit the highest bid
NFL executives were drawn to being on the network that offered the biggest potential audience, according to Sports Business Journal.

A “Mindy Project” writer recalls the 16 years he spent as a competitive pairs figure skater
Chris Schleicher, whose first “Mindy” episode airs in April, was at one time ranked 13th at the junior national level.

U2 will perform at the Oscars
Bono and his band will perform their Oscar-nominated song “Ordinary Love” from the film “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.”

“The X-Files'” Chris Carter explains his long hiatus from TV
Carter, who’s now juggling “The After” on Amazon and an AMC project, says: “Certainly I needed to recharge. Also, television was changing when the show ended, reality TV was really taking over. I saw it as a time to sit back and let the dust settle.”

Ronda Rousey had just started watching “Entourage” when she was approached for a role in the movie

The UFC fighter wouldn’t reveal her role, but she’ll be taking some time off from fighting.

Why “New Girl” needs to boot Coach
Damon Wayans Jr’s character seems like a stand-in, and the writers seem to have no idea how to use him.

“Real World” co-creator donates $6.7M to create a documentary journalism program at his alma mater
Jon Murray had been working on his donation to the University of Missouri School of Journalism for a year.

“Mistresses” books Krista Allen

She’ll guest as a housewife on the ABC series.

University professor creates a “From Revelation to ‘The Walking Dead'” course
Central Michigan University’s course will tackle the potential of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

Watch the promo for “Game of Stones”

Discovery Channel’s gem hunter reality show debuts Feb. 28.

Watch the promo for “Game of Arms”
AMC’s arm wrestling reality show premieres Feb. 25.

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