Matthew McConaughey lifts off in new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

05.16.14 5 years ago

“We're not meant to save the world, we're meant to leave it…”

With the online unveiling of the long-awaited trailer for “Dark Knight” and “Inception” mastermind Christopher Nolan's space epic “Interstellar,” we now know a bit more about the film's secretive plot, and get our first real look at the film's breathtaking outer space effects.

In the near future, the Earth is suffereing from extreme drought and famine, limiting humankind's time here. In a role recalling the one he played in “Contact,” Matthew McConaughey leads an interstellar trek — reportedly encountering black holes, wormholes and only Kubrick knows what else — to salvage the future of humanity.

Fresh off his Oscar win for “Dallas Buyers Club,” McConaughey leads the starry cast which includes Nolan vets Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine, plus Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, and Ellen Burstyn.

Take a look at the film's new poster here:

In Contention's Kris Tapley looks at the film's award season chances here.

“Interstellar” opens in November.

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