Matthew McConaughey must answer for ‘Fool’s Gold’ in hilarious ‘True Detective’ parody

Let's face it: prior to his so-called “McConaissance,” Matthew McConaughey made some really, really shitty movies. It could even be said that he “McCoasted.” Now, America's new favorite actor is being forced to answer for those sins by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who a week following the creation of this video found it in themselves to award him the Oscar for “Dallas Buyers Club” despite the fact that he also made “Surfer, Dude.”

The “Wedding Planner” star's defense? He was in an ayahuasca-induced coma for 14 years. Which doesn't track, considering that people who are in comas don't walk, or talk, or act in romantic comedies starring Kate Hudson. Though to McConaughey's credit, his confusion over the difference between “Fool's Gold” and “Failure to Launch” does seem pretty genuine. Then again, hell, we're all confused about the difference between “Fool's Gold” and “Failure to Launch.”

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