Matthew McConaughey talks career reinvention at the Golden Globes

It’s fair to say Matthew McConaughey is in the midst of a career renaissance.

“I have been choosing roles that shook my floor, that challenge me in a way that I go, ‘oh I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with this, but I can’t wait,'” said the newly-minted Golden Globe winner backstage at the awards show on Sunday. “I’ve been choosing directors that have original visions, I’ve been choosing stories that I haven’t seen before, and characters…men with real identities.”

One of those stories, of course, is that of real-life AIDS victim Ron Woodruff, the man McConaughey portrayed to stunning effect in “Dallas Buyers Club,” a film he says was declined “86 times” by the powers-that-be before finally getting made.

“I’m standing up here with an award from the Golden Globes for playing Ron Woodruff,” said McConaughey of his win. “That’s incredibly rewarding, especially for a film that no one wanted to make.”

Not that everyone believed he would take home a statuette.

“‘I really hope you’ll win Papa, but you’re gonna lose,'” McConaughey quoted his son as saying prior to the ceremony. “Now I gotta go get that son of a gun and go ‘Ha, ha, ha, ha.'”

For the full backstage interview, click on the video above.