The voice of Black Phillip in ‘The Witch’ is this gorgeous male model

Warning: There are minor plot spoilers below.

At the screening I attended for Robert Eggers' haunting new horror film The Witch, a number of audience members giggled when Black Phillip — the eerie Trojan Goat who houses the spirit of the Devil — speaks to Thomasin of butter and other worldly temptations in the deep, smooth tones of a sociopathic soul singer. I can understand the reaction; the moment is jarring and wholly unexpected. But Phillip's Barry White tones are exactly right; had Eggers opted for a more overtly sinister voice, it would have felt in direct contradiction to the idea that Devil woos his converts through the powers of seduction, not threats.

So who's the man behind the goat? That would be Toronto-born actor/model Wahab Chaudhry, whose only other credit is the 2013 short film The Education of Junaid Qadri. Here's what he looks like:

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I'd sign my name in blood for him, wouldn't you?