Meghan Ory hopes we’ll see Ruby again on ‘Once Upon a Time’

On the first season of “Once Upon a Time,” Meghan Ory’s periodically lupine Ruby was a fan favorite and there was great excitement when she became a cast regular in the second season.
Then an odd thing happened and the storylines in “Once Upon a Time” veered away from Ruby and Ory because an afterthought amidst the Hook-related shenanigans. It wasn’t entirely shocking, then, when Ory was cast in the CBS midseason drama “Intelligence” and then when that show’s series order seemed to effective bring an end to Ruby on “Once.”
At Thursday’s (July 18) San Diego Comic-Con panel for “Intelligence,” which finds Ory paired with “Lost” favorite Josh Holloway, the Q&A’s biggest cheer came for a question regarding Ruby’s future. 
Given that “Intelligence” won’t be premiering until spring, airing Mondays at 10 after “Hostages” finishes its limited run, Ory sounds optimistic about wolfing out once again.
“As I’ve said to a few people, ‘Red never died. Ruby never died.’ She’s around somewhere,” Ory promises. “I like to think she just went running around the woods in wolf-form. She’s like, ‘You know, I want to stretch my legs and go for a run.’ So I think that we will see her again.”
Stay tuned for Saturday’s Comic-Con panel for “Once” to see if that show’s producers offer anymore Ruby-based teases.