Melinda Doolittle challenges new ‘American Idol’ contestant Jordan Dorsey to step up

The 24 finalists for “American Idol” season 10 were revealed during a special 2-hour “Idol” last night and viewers are already reacting across the digital watercooler.  Season six veteran Melinda Doolittle, who impressively finished third, gave HitFix her reaction to last night’s revelation and admitted she had some favorites.

Doolittle noted, “Casey Abrams makes me so happy, I can’t stand it and Robbie Rosen’s voice is just gorgeous! I wish I could explain every ranking, but we’ll save that for when there are maybe 12 contestants or less. “

The singer is also participating in HitFix’s new American Idol Fantasy League (check out her eventual picks here), but admits its hard to put any of the contestants in last place — even for a game.

“Let’s just say, I never want to put anyone in last place…it makes me sad…” Doolittle says.

On the other hand, the Brentwood, Tennessee native did have a suggestion for one of this year’s finalists.

“I don’t take kindly to contestants who make others feel awful about themselves or their talent,” Doolittle says. “So this week, Mr. Dorsey, you win my last place prize. Please sing your heart out and make me forget.”

You’ve been warned Mr. Dorsey. Step it up.

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