Get hype for Michael Fassbender as Macbeth with these new photos

My favorite Shakespeare play with what I believe is perfect casting: Based on that alone, I was beyond ready to see this film. So I am probably over-hyped for this. But if you have yet to hear about the Michael Fassbender- and Marion Cotillard-starring “Macbeth” (which is possible, as it”s gotten minimal buzz stateside without a U.S. release date set yet), now”s the time to get, at the very least, a little excited about this Shakespeare adaptation.

Because, I repeat, Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard are playing the Macbeths, and they look awesome.

The latest photos released from the film give us more reason to hope there”s delightfully fair and delightfully foul to be found in the latest take on Shakespeare”s tragic and bloody Scottish Play.

Previously released photos showed Macbeth and Lady M in their less glamorous days than in the new ones below, which hit the web on Tuesday. Now we get a chance to see them in better days, when Macbeth is king with a pretty sweet crown. (Though we know the “better” is all a facade as the Macbeths are grappling with the blood they had to spill to get to the throne.) All photos give us a peek at the medieval Scotland setting that”s taking the play back to its roots – Shakespeare”s inspiration, an 11th century Scottish king.

There”s also a photo of Cotillard”s Lady Macbeth looking rather vulnerable and feminine – an important way to see her amid her cry that spirits “unsex me here” to get her pumped up for King Duncan's murder. Cotillard told HitFix last fall that playing Lady M, a character with “total darkness” was a “tough experience.”

Though “Macbeth” still doesn”t have a U.S. release date, that”s likely to change after the film premieres at the Cannes Film Festival next month.

“Macbeth” is directed by Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel (“Snowtown”) and also stars David Thewlis, Jack Reynor, Sean Harris, Paddy Considine and Elizabeth Debicki.