Michael Fassbender says you will see a ‘Prometheus’ sequel – just not right away

and 11.03.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

(CBR) The continuing adventures of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and android David-8′s severed head are still on their way – it”s just a matter of time.

Michael Fassbender spoke with Yahoo! Movies about the future of the “Prometheus” franchise. A sequel remains very much on director Ridley Scott”s radar, based on comments he made in October. According to Fassbender, the wait for more “Prometheus” news comes down to issues of timing and not wanting to rush the project”s progress.

“You know, it takes time,” he said. “I don”t want them to rush it. I mean the reason that Pixar movies are so amazing is because they spend years throwing it out the window, re-jiggering it, coming up with an idea, breaking it down, starting again.”

“So to make it correctly, I think it”s actually very encouraging,” he continued. “Because a lot of the times they”re like ‘we made some money let”s jump on the back of this. We wanna make more money again as soon as possible.” … It”s nice to actually have a little bit of time to develop it.”

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